Half drunk & wandering

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Re: Half drunk & wandering

Post by Oko » Thu Dec 17, 2020 8:47 pm

I once used the wire belt from a roadside tire carcass to hold up my exhaust from Gettysburg to Syracuse.
I hit a bump and broke the frame mount on my ‘99 Honda.
Got me home.
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Re: Half drunk & wandering

Post by Lofty » Thu Dec 17, 2020 8:54 pm

Oko wrote:
Thu Dec 17, 2020 8:47 pm
I once used the wire belt from a roadside tire carcass to hold up my exhaust from Gettysburg to Syracuse.
I have a clear memory of my father using his belt to hold up the exhaust on one of our Chevrolet station wagons, in order to get home. A rust-based failure caused a portion of it to droop enough to make contact with the road.
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Re: Half drunk & wandering

Post by Peter Pan » Fri Dec 18, 2020 12:20 pm

The exhaust of the Austin Mini and Lukas knight of eternal darkness caused my initial idea to get the MZ-rig... 7 hours in bitter cold and dark for 95 miles to University. Try to get under an Austin Mini when the muffler hangs down. Several bricks from a construction site and torn out cable from their garbage made for the ramp and muffler. Cigarette box alu foil for the fuse. and try to adjust points with nothing else but the pocket knife at about 25ºF.

Then when I found a client for that piece of crap the final gift from it was to throw off the right front wheel together with the drum.!
I prefer 3 wheels definitely!
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Re: Half drunk & wandering

Post by RC20 » Sat Dec 19, 2020 2:50 pm

Ok, not Ural but.

My brother had bought a P-188ES (Volvo sport wagon circ 1970) on the East coast. I was spending part of the winter in Puerto Rico.

Do you want to drive it back across for me?

Sure, I wanted to visit people on the East Coast, Mid West, Idaho, it works nicely.

While there were many adventures, things go interesting pikcing up my Artic gear in Dulles. Head lights die.

New headlights (running around in the dark at Dulles with no headlights no fun - good news was there was a garage with headlihgt at the exit of the airport). Then again. Well those clever Swedes did not put a shied behind the lights.

All the road muck sprayed right on them. What were they thinking? Ok, milk jugs cut up with shield these damned things (I am in West Virginia and have a long ways to go!) Turns out anyone that drove them put in stainless steel kitchen bowel to build a shield. Mine worked.

in Easter Wyoming in an awful snow storm. Dragging bottom at times, burried in snow splash by a passing Semi (a$$hole) . Spent some time at -20 in my bag waiting for daylight (found a place to pull off)

About 200 iles later, hmm, that muffler is getting annoying, must be all these days on r road. Stopped and got ear plugs at a sporting goods place (now 3 days into a trip through rain and storm and your mind is not always right).

By the time I hit the Cascades it was, ok, that muffler is going bad, but we are close to Seattle, no big deal. Until it fell off. Pick up the muffler, wire up the pipe (its a very low car!) and off I go again. It is loud, but I have plugs so...... Only 70 miles to go.

Hmm, a bit low on gas, I might make it, but handy gas station and .....

10 miles down the road and its, holy $#!+, I am down to half a tank again. Pull off.

Yep, fuel line is gone. I almost had all the stuff I needed, just lacked one clap (I carry stuff like that). By this time I have taken the appearance of a Tarr Baby as the gas had softens the under coating. One of those weird things where it ran steel pipe to mid body, a rubber fuel line 8 inches long, then steel again (vibration break?)

Well, my friend are only 15 miles way, just going to have to call them, at least I got this far.

Guy pulls up, can I help you?

Yea, if you could get to that gas station at x and x and call some folks for me, no fixing this.

Hmm, I am happy to give you a ride.

I appreciate it, but I am covered with this $#!+ and I would not want to get any in your rig.

That is ok, its just on the front, I will open and close doors, don't touch anything and I am good if a bit gets on things.

So I called my friend, he came with the tow setup, now he is 65, slow and methodical unless he is towing. We go like bat out of hell and its, oh $#!+, just when I though I was rescued, now I am going to die.

Coming up on their driveway I see oncoming traffic and am braking, he will stop and let them by.........

Nope, he cuts her left hard, the on coming misses me by inches and .........

Next morning I fixed it with a clamp from his stuff.

Ok, back to that snow storm. dragging bottom and it started the muffler on its way and the fuel line.

Why I got another 800 miles I have not a clue. I survived, like many other things but that trip was not my favorite.
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Re: Half drunk & wandering

Post by PhilJet09 » Sat Dec 19, 2020 9:33 pm

I’ve used cereal box cardboard for gaskets on small engines in the past, but now I just keep an assortment of gasket material on hand. My wife got a new Cricut machine last year and I’m told you can scan images in and use it to cut out gaskets. I’ll eventually get around to giving that a try.
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Re: Half drunk & wandering

Post by tgtrotter » Sun Dec 20, 2020 2:21 am

Amongst straightening and re-using nails and covering holes in the barn and out building sidings with tin can tops and bottoms and flattened sides, my Moms husband told me how the old trucks in the teens and twenties traversing the "Ridge Route" (now known as "The Grapevine") from southern CA to the Central Valley in CA, the old taxed engines nearing the top of the grade would crawl 3-5 miles per hour and finally give up from worn valves and seats. A common weak link. Many a trucker knew how to lift the covers and use the tin from their match boxes or tobacco can and fill in the gaps/ re-build the seat enough to limp it over the top and to a garage. IIRC. R.I.P. Harmon Baker 1913-2007.

He also is a Pioneer Inductee to the ATHS for being on the forefront of double tiering cattle livestock trailers enabling the ability to haul pigs and cattle with the same trailer.

And quickly I remember the day I helped him unload these two trashed gas lawnmowers. One didn't have a cylinder head and a frog was in a pool of water in the block. The other the motor was apart in a box. He said he was gonna get them going so I could start mowing the 5 acres. The next day as I got close to home I could hear this gas mower running sound....

He used to pull his own teeth too.
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Re: Half drunk & wandering

Post by Sledgegreen » Sun Dec 20, 2020 4:49 am

A friend's story, from about 30 years ago. He and a mate had been on a fishing trip and were on their way back to London late on Sunday. They were in an ancient Ford Transit (a van about the same size as a VW camper van). The fuel pump breaks down. They have plenty of fuel, but no way of getting it from the tank to the carb.

The mate cannibalises the windscreen washer system. It was a dry day, so the washers weren't needed. The washer bottle had a little spigot at the bottom where the hose to the pump attached. Poured all the water out, then rinsed the bottle with petrol a couple of times to get the last drops out. Connected the bottle to the carb with a bit of fuel line, and they then had a gravity-fed fuel system. To get a suitable flow of fuel, the bottle needed to be a couple of feet above the carb.

They finished the journey taking turns to drive, with the passenger holding the fuel tank outside the window. The washer bottle only held a couple of pints, so they had to stop to refill it every ten miles or so. That worked pretty well - apparently, holding the bottle at shoulder level is more tiring than it sounds - after 10 miles, arm droop led to a loss of performance.

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Re: Half drunk & wandering

Post by Obo Scribe » Sun Dec 20, 2020 5:59 am

I've made a couple of cereal box gaskets in my time - the last one was the sump gasket on a Ural 650, I rubbed a little grease into it to give it a bit of repellence and thought it would last a week or two. I sold it about a year later, still fitted and still oil tight.
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Re: Half drunk & wandering

Post by Bar None » Sun Dec 20, 2020 9:39 am

Back in 1955 my two older brothers and I drove to Houston TX to NYC in a 1950 Ford. I was 13 years old so couldn't drive so was stuck in the back seat the whole way. Oldest brother was 15 or so. My Mother had 10 kids in thirteen years. Anyway we broke down along the highway somewhere in TN. Luckily there were some guys working on the road who repaired the fuel pump diaphragm with a piece of leather cut from the tongue of my shoe. We made it to the next town and bought a rebuilt fuel pump and continued on to NYC. We were stopped by some cops in NYC who couldn't believe that our parents let us drive there. Anyway we enjoyed visiting NYC and returned to Houston safe and sound. I remember that repair job as if it happened yesterday but can't remember what I went out to the shop to get.
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Re: Half drunk & wandering

Post by Sledgegreen » Sun Dec 20, 2020 2:29 pm

Yakatak wrote:
Wed Dec 16, 2020 11:20 pm
Cereal box cut to shape with a ball peen hammer. My dad would treat them with, what he called, "hard oil". Hard oil was white, translucent, with a waxy feel. I've been trying to find some for years. If anyone knows what this stuff is...let me know.
I don't remember ever hearing of "hard oil" until I read this post a few days ago, and then today I was watching a Woodwork video on Youtube, and at about 13 and a bit minutes the presenter refers to "hard w@* oil". Is it the same stuff?


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Re: Half drunk & wandering

Post by jvan1954 » Sun Dec 20, 2020 2:52 pm

after several times listening with admittedly bad hearing it seems like the dude might be saying 'hot' rather than hard. I think we need an interpeter. Calling all wazzacks.
No idea what this is but hard oil, at least on our place was just that.it had a semi solid waxy consistency.

Just googleated "hard oil " and there is indeed a wood finish called by that name, not at all what I'm talking about.
snakeoil lists the ingredients for his on page two of this thread.
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