cheap reamers

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cheap reamers

Post by tonered » Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:23 am

For some reason my engine was running lean after the recent rebuild caused by RPOC workmanship and assembly methods. While the bike was down, I did cut off the spuds for the crossover pipe as the weld on the left side was cracked (as I said, RPOC). This should have made it lean, but. . . The main jets weren't far out. I didn't know if I needed to go from 130s to 132s or 135s.

I found these on Amazon: ... ge_o01_s00

Cheap and easy. I used the 1.30mm bit in a Dremel, initially turning the chuck by hand then using the low setting widening the port just a schoshe, to ream them out. Checking with the 1.35mm bit, the reaming was not over done. The mains are probably 1.33 now? The results were instantly felt and seem perfect.

There are also these tiny bits for the other jets: ... QZSQ27RJTF

Have a good one.
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