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Go with Grote

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:37 pm
by stagewex
So a few weeks ago my flasher gave up the ghost. I've changed 2 in close to 9 years so the symptoms were familiar to me with the directionals slowing down on one side and not working on the other. Why... who knows? I changed with a brand-new dealer supplied spare that I bought so long ago I'm not sure from who. It's different than the original in that it is fully enclosed in metal and much taller than the original. I had a hard time getting it in place as the receptacle is surrounded by a U-shaped mount that didn't seem to want to accept this longer and ever so slightly wider flasher. I had to take the headlight off to get my hand on the connector on the inside of the rats nest as well as the outside pushing in.
Tried the directionals and they all worked so buttoned everything up. It wasn't until I got on the bike to ride that I noticed that the little dash indicator lamp was not flashing. Darn it. But the directionals worked fine so I lived with it. Easy enough to look left or right.

So it took till yesterday to find out why. First of all I actually do have spare teeny-tiny lamps that go into the idiot lights. Of course you could just switch any of the others as well. The lamp worked which made me think that somehow a wire burnt out or disconnected... at the same time the flasher went? Stranger things have happened of course. Next I pulled the new flasher and put in a Grote 44820 that I bought at the auto parts store. This is an original replacement. Whaa-Laa, everything is working now. My guess is that:

1) the new larger replacement was bad/defective? Possible.
2) the new larger replacement is not the correct replacement?
3) the new larger replacement physically plugs in but because of its size does not fit well into the mounting brocket surrounding the connector? On my 2007 (and what other years?).
4) the new larger replacement is close but not as good as the original factory supplied Grote which (Assembled in USA vs. Made in Taiwan) is a few pennies more?

I added the 4 above possibilities as I don't want to start another Ural Urban Legend, just too many already. But if you have a spare flasher and a lot of folks keep one in the trunk, make sure it works. Whenever possible you can't go wrong with OEM unless some sort of amazing upgrade has occurred. In the case of a simple but important piece of gear like an indicator flasher you just need it to work.

Really a big difference in size. Silver metal one Heavy Duty "Made in Taiwan" is the new dealer replacement that didn't work the dash indicator lamp, but did work the directionals. Close but no cigar.
The original Grote says "Made in Canada". The new Grote Flasher says "Assembled in USA". Gotta be about the pennies.