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All sold!

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 6:45 pm
by Rich Maund

I have three sidecar side curtains for sale to fit the pre 2013 rigs. ie; the ones with the steel loops up front to hold the tonneau in place. It will also fit a Dnepr sidecar.
These are all black leather grained marine vinyl with double stitched edge binding. Black leather patch grommets are sewn on up front with snap on black leather tabs to retain the curtain. I coat the underside of the snap bases with black liquid vinyl to help prevent it ever marking the paint. There is a nickle plated eyelet at the rear with a common sense twist tab style base fastener. That twist base attaches to the sidecar with two SS screws and lock nuts that I provide in the kit. You'll have to drill two 1/8" holes to install it. This is the classic design for these I came up with back in the 1990's and they work really well! They smooth the airflow by blocking the step thru opening to keep your passenger drier in the rain and warmer in winter.

I am running out of materials and there may only be one or two more I can make after this. Hardware comes in packages of 100, so I won't be buying more of it. Picture buying 100 eyelets then 100 twist bases then 200 screws then 200 locknuts and you start to get an idea of what I had to buy for many years. Even snaps! Packs of 100 and you need 4 different pieces to snap one thing to another. Two drawers in my shop desk are just for this hardware.

They are $120 each shipped priority mail in the USA. They can ship tomorrow.
PM me if you want one. Pay Pal is preferred.

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 10:42 pm
by Rich Maund
I already have to go to the PO tomorrow folks. No trouble to carry some more packages.

All of these are just like #4 in the pic below except they have nickle eyelets at the rear with all attachment hardware included.

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:39 am
by Rich Maund
I've had a question about pricing folks. Here's the deal. Just because you saw me sell a curtain at some low price a while back doesn't make that the normal price. There are times when I have property taxes due or other reasons, that I may run a sale. If you catch a sale, good for you. You got a bargain. But realize I am NOT Wal Mart. I don't have Chinese factories at my disposal like Ural does to make cheap Chinese stuff for me. I am a disabled Vet who has been working out of his garage building upholstery for 25 years. I can't hold a regular job. My legs got crushed and my shoulders got ripped apart 25 years ago when I got crashed into by an out of control welfare queen in a stolen car. All these years later, I can barely walk and can't stand in one place for very long. And my hands are very arthritic from my years of operating Navy Engine Rooms. So my productivity level is very low now a days. I work on stuff that I can get done and still make it the high quality that I always put out. There have been a number of years that my income off this was below $1k a year. Not exactly a business anymore. No "living" to be made. I stopped riding two years ago and I am strongly considering selling off my last bike. Just don't have the passion for it I had when I was younger. I'm getting old.
I last raised my prices in 2010. $120 became the normal price for side curtains shipped in the USA. Since then, materials costs go up and postage goes up eating into my margins. But I haven't raised the price above that. How many of you haven't gotten a raise in ten years? ;-) But Ural folks have become very cheap bastards in general and often won't pay for quality goods anymore. There haven't been many people in the USA making stuff for these bikes. A few have come and gone and I'm the original and have stuck around 25 years doing it. I still plan to keep dabbling in it as a hobby. But if I can't earn a bag of groceries off a project, then why even bother?
Some wisdom:
All nouns are NOT created equal!
A Tonneau from a third world country is no equal to the tonneaus I used to build. When it is made of sucky materials that rot in the sun, it is garbage and not worth bothering with. You need marine grade materials and those are not cheap. I have had folks write me and say "I found this tonneau on EBay for just $30, if it needs work, can you fix it cheap?" I usually answer telling them that the Dollar Store sells duct tape and they should try that. If you haven't come to a sense of staying away from false economy by now, I can't help you.
There was a time in the 2000's that Ural owners didn't mind paying for quality goods. Since that time they have become much sketchier as a group and cheap and foolish to boot. They'll tolerate crap on their bikes at huge expense and sing the praises about "improvements" that aren't improvements but flinch at paying a modest price for a quality product. The IQ of the herd has gone down as the herd has expanded.

So, as a matter of respect for the hours of skilled hand labor that go into the things I make as well as the excellent materials I use, if my 2010 prices are too much, go to a upholstery shop (If you can find one) and tell them what you want. Don't be shocked when it doesn't last well due to being made of poorly thought out materials. Its simple economics. I'm waiting to have a knee replacement done, if the doctors ever get back to work on stuff like that ever again. Once that happens, I'll be couch or chair bound for quite a while and I won't even be dabbling in this stuff anymore.
So my advice is if you like something I have for sale, get it now while its available. Soon you may only see owners selling my stuff used on the marketplace.

OK, rant mode off. Had to get that off my chest.

I'll get a pic of these later today and post here. Couldn't get a pic yesterday as they had to sit upside down overnight to let the liquid vinyl I put under the snap bases as a paint protectant cure hard. But now I can move them around for pics.
I had a situation come up that caused me to have to put the carpet sets I made back into availability. Total Murphy's Law SNAFU. But thanks to an old shipmate who had my carpet set in his sidecar, I got hold of the pieces and made a new set of patterns. May have some of that available in August if my hands are up to it. TTYL!

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 6:36 pm
by Rich Maund
Here is a pic of two of the three for sale. All identical. Pic shows the front and back sides. Ready to ship! PM me if you want one. Thanks!

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:27 pm
by Rich Maund
Three of these still available folks. PM if you want one. Thanks!

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 5:39 pm
by tgtrotter
I wish Rich would start making Road Sofas and I'd grab one quicker than the Prom Dress falling off the Homecoming Queen. :shock:

I'm guilty. I had a chance to buy from Rich, a custom made for me Road Sofa a few years back. But I did not make the want or comfort a priority over the cost. I put the price in my mind first. Although I am not guilty of questioning his price or haggling as I myself know what it cost and the value of hand built custom items. Unfortunately my plea for a Road Sofa had resurfaced and Rich has apologetically decided not to do. So Im left, suffering some discomfort with my unforgiving OEM stepped seat.
. Shoulda, woulda coulda. :feelsgood:

After purchasing Richs' carpet set and seeing the Ural partial interior upholstery offering, there is no freaking comparison. Worth every dang nickle and just adds regrets not jumping on the seat offering when I had it in front of me. I got a little older and wiser :old: and when the carpet sets came up, I jumped on a set like it was the Prom Queens little sister the day after. :lol:

Add that I have a recently purchased a side curtain and it just blows me away how useful it is. I could not be happier and yes I got it for $100. At the time Rich was upfront and honest saying they usually go for $120 and this was a sale. I jumped on that deal like the Prom Queens cousin. :o I can relate to $120 for a curtain ? BUT THAT WAS THE GOING RATE 10 YEARS AGO.

I'm in a service business. Some of our rates for certain lanes are stuck in 2004 rates. It is what it is and I totally agree with what Rich has said.

The bottom line here is with Rich you get more than you paid for. I'm sure the seasoned members on this forum knew that. I'm relatively a newbie. I hope some of the new blood see and understand the opportunity Rich is laying out.

Apology if the Prom jokes offended you. Currently on auto replay and can't get them out of my head.

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 8:32 pm
by dogboy443
I bought one from Rich (2) years ago, and I love it. That freaking magnet is Da Boss. Beautiful side curtain.

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 9:16 pm
by Rich Maund
Mark. Thank you. But the magnets do slip on the painted surface. Not a very secure fastening IMO. I still consider the eyelets and tab fasteners to be the gold standard. Magnets are easy, but pets will push them off easily!

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 3:16 pm
by Rich Maund
Adding a few things to the mix for sale here.

Two all black canvas curtains to fit 2013 and newer rigs. Black boat top canvas inside and out 2 layers. Black eyelets front and rear and the tab fastener with SS screws and lock nuts for the rear. $120 each shipped in the USA.

One black canvas with black vinyl on the inside layer. Same hardware as above to fit 2013 and newer rigs. $120 shipped in the USA.

These three will be ready to ship Monday. Putting them together right now over the weekend.

These will be the last side curtains available from me as I am now out of the fabric and running out of key hardware bits. So last call for side curtains!

I still have the three for pre 2013 rigs still available as listed above. PM me if you want one folks. These are it. I'm not spending the money on packs of 100 fasteners to sell a trickle of these. Its done. Thanks for looking.

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:49 pm
by Rich Maund
I'll try to simplify this stuff. Here's a list of the last side curtains for sale. I'll remove them from the list as they sell with an edit. All prices include shipping in the USA. I will not ship to outside the USA as customs for outgoing mail is pretty F'd up right now.

#1. Sold, Thank you!

#2. Sold. Thank you!

#3. Sold! Thank you!

#4. For 2013 and newer Ural rigs. Black boat canvas exterior layer with black leather grained vinyl interior layer. Double stitched black leather grained edge binding. Black painted eyelet at rear with an included black painted common sense twist tab fastener that requires two 1/8" holes ot be drilled for installation. SS screws and lock nuts included plus a direction sheet to aid in the installation. Black painted eyelets up front to match the factory Ural eyelets they use today. $120

#5. Same as #4 except has two layers of the black boat top canvas. So canvas inside and out. All other specs same as in #4.

#6. Sold. Thank you!

#7. For pre 2013 Ural and all Dnepr sidecars with the steel loops up front for a tonneau. Black/white/gray urban camo 1000 denier ballistic nylon Cordura fabric on the outside and off white marine vinyl inside layer with black leather grained double stitched edge binding. Black leather patch grommets sewn on up front and snap on black leather tabs for retention on the loops of your sidecar. Eyelet at the rear with a common sense type twist tab fastener base and SS screws and lock nuts provided. Installion tip sheet for installation also included. Since this one is an odd ball specialty fabric is is just $80 shipped in the USA.

Pay Pal payment is preferred. PM with which number curtain you want. if you'd like one. These are the last I'll be doing as I am now out of fabric and out of snap studs and bases. Thankx!

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 5:39 pm
by Rich Maund
All seven above still available folks. I won't be able to ship tomorrow as we have a large tropical storm heading this way. I live in a spot near sea level and though our own yard doesn't tend to flood, the area around us does. So we stay home for a day til it subsides. No problem to get to the PO Wednesday if you need it! PM me if you'd like one! At the end of the week, I may just list them up on EBay. But you can still get them from me now without the hassle of EBay.

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 10:32 pm
by Rich Maund
#3 sold. Rest are still available. Thank you!

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 8:57 am
by BinDerSmokDat
I had a Rich Maund Road Sofa, best seat I ever owned. (It was trashed from hard use and the inherent flaw of the old metal stepped seat pan, no fault of Rich.)
I have a Sidecar door curtain.

In both cases I got excellent value for the money.

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:47 am
by Rich Maund
Thank you for that!

Re: Pre-2013 side curtains for sale

Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2020 3:13 pm
by Rich Maund
Referring to my post from 1 August. #1,2,4, 5, 6 and 7 still available folks. Thanks for checking them out!