2002 Tourist with R75/6 motor.

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2002 Tourist with R75/6 motor.

Post by nestor » Mon May 14, 2018 4:05 pm

Hello Riders, I'm selling my
2002 Ural powered by 1975 BMW r75 /6 motor.

Conversion by Richard winter.

Approximately 25000 miles on the motor very low miles on the chassis.
New mods include
Motorladen Israel spin on automotive oil filter ,
pressure gauge,
Boyer electronic ignition installed by Mikey of Martindale MC Motorworks , same with Valero starter and excellent tune up and regular maintenance.
Mikey at MMC knows bike well.

I'm selling this hack because I have a / 2 hack and a / 5 which I do not ride enough as it is , and I originally purchased it for my wife but It proved to be not right for her . A mishap into a muddy rut in 2013 required me to replace the front wheel and swingarm , which we did with insurance money , therefore the hack has a salvage title. I've driven it regularly since then and its an excellent and reliable hack. Brian Moss mechanic of Zeppelin Designs ( he worked with the late Will Spoor on BMW restorations.) Can vouch for the repairs.

An adapter plate mates with the BMW motor and heavier/2 clutch, everything else is Ural. This is a wise decision because replacing chassis parts on an Ural is a fraction of what parts cost on a BMW. Especially for pre/war bikes which the Ural design is based upon.
There is a ghostie spot between first and second gear which is not serious, however selling price is adjusted to reflect a potential preference for an eventual upgrade , if you can call it that ,
to Dniper, Chiang Jiang Crashbox or a "more modern " hertzog style tranny.
The Handlebar cables have not been shortened so that the Euro style sidecar handlebars can be removed if desired for a stock Ural handlebar put back on. I personally do not like windshields however Gene at Holopaw has plenty of those to do things yourway.
There is a doggie harness hidden behind the backseat which we didn't use because my dog whined too much. The Pedestrian slicer on the front fender, if not desired ,can be removed , same with the glass eye and Fender icon if they are not appreciated .BMW / 6 manual and assorted parts that come in the trunk. Wheel bearings are just fine and greased - I do not recall whether they are original or there's some timken's or German ones in there.
This is an excellent hack for a mature adult who realizes that a Ural is not a hot rod and should not be driven over 60 miles an hour regularly. I respectfully disagree with claims that new Urals can be driven at 70mph, or should be. The BMW motor on this Ural is excellent and reliable and far superior to standard Ural engine and it's drivetrain, therefore one should treat it like a normal Ural and respect the limits of the ural design. The BMW motor is not going to break down and can cruise with a full load with little strain on the motor but you should not hotrod just because the motor can .
I've always treated this vehicle with respect and consideration and hope that the new owner would do the same.
I'm offering it for 6,250.
I'm in Houston and if you buy it in Houston but are from Martindale or Austin, because I travel to Austin twice a month and I have a trailer , I can also deliver it at no extra cost.
Best, Nestor .
Serious enquires 8322871177 text please.
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Re: 2002 Tourist with R75/6 motor.

Post by Lmo » Mon May 14, 2018 9:14 pm

Photos would be nice...

When did Richard do this conversion?
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