Cargo Trailer for Sale!

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Cargo Trailer for Sale!

Post by Wildhorse Cafe » Fri May 13, 2022 6:11 pm

We bought a 20x8.5 cargo trailer last summer for our move to North Carolina. New Trailers with the additions we installed went for $21K last year in Califorina, if you could find one to purchase. We bought this 2011 trailer and added four extra tie-downs and side cargo rails. The trailer is capable of carrying three fully equipped Urals, four maybe with some disassembly required but that's not garanteed or a automobile or a bunch of two wheelers. Electric brakes equipped with a new pull away. The tires and wheel bearings are new as of last August with two thousand miles on them now. We had a complete safety inspection done before our move. There is some cosmetic damage to the front of the trailer due to the mismatch of the short towing tongue of the trailer and hight of my RV bumper. I am in the process of making repairs to the diamond plate.
We are looking for $8.5K but are willing to trade for an ATV in good condition.

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