Potential Ural/Dneper Riders Gathering(UDRG)

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This is the place to plan a ride or let others know about upcoming rides. Please post stories and/or pictures of the ride once it happens in the "Ride Reports" section. Please put the city and state of the rally or start of the ride so folks can attend.
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Potential Ural/Dneper Riders Gathering(UDRG)

Post by mayrel » Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:26 pm

We are relatively new Ural-T owners; purchased 2010 model. We've attended several Ural gatherings and thought we might host one in our area. Here's the skinny. We are located in northeastern Alabama about 2 miles from DeSoto State Park. They have camping, cabin and motel rooms available with a resturaunt and large pavillion for groups. DeSoto State Park is within 5 miles of the Little River Canyon rim road; very scenic and a great ride. We are also within 1.5 hours from Barbers' motorcycle museum in Birmingham(actually Leeds); a great day ride. There are numerous back roads nearby which are both scenic with very little traffic. There are several decent local resturaunts too. We are thinking a good time for this gathering would be spring; it's beautiful here on LookOut Mountain and the temperature is generally mild to warm.
We'd like to host this event. Similar to the other gatherings, it's a pay-as-you-go affair, however depending on the number of participants, we might offer a meal at our place. We have a large circular driveway which would park several rigs. Or we could simply meet at the DeSoto Park pavillion and cook there.
I also have a 15X30 workshop complete with most tools to perform routine maintenance. If there is ever any interest in having a "Tech-Day", we're open for this too. I mention this as there may be several new Ural owners in our area which would enjoy learning how to maintain their rigs; it's always nice to have somebody assist/supervise while learning.
We've put this "feeler" out on the Russian Iron forum too; only one reply so far. The reply we received suggested we post on this site as there are seemingly more Ural/Dneper owners within our area?
Well, whether or not anyone wants to get together, we are generally at home and welcome visitors. We always have hot coffee and something to eat. If anyone is in our area and needs assistance, I have a 6X10 utility trailer which will handle a Ural/Dneper rig, and I'm sure we could manage to get you back on the road in a short time. Again, it's nice to have access to a shop of sorts if and when you might need them while you're out and about.
Our email address is mayrel@centurylink.net...thanks for your time...ride safe, ride often...John and Joy

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Re: Potential Ural/Dneper Riders Gathering(UDRG)

Post by W0X0F » Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:09 pm

Sounds good to me!

Keep me posted!

I don't know where we're going, but I'm sure it involves a handbasket!

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Re: Potential Ural/Dneper Riders Gathering(UDRG)

Post by Dwight » Sun Oct 31, 2010 6:28 am

Lots of rallies to choose from is a good thing - so another is always welcome!

For timing, here's a link that lists the current established rallies and the general time of year for them:

http://sovietsteeds.com/forums/viewtopi ... =3&t=13873

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