new owner here, a few questions?

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new owner here, a few questions?

Post by elmosgarage » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:52 am

hello to all , and thanks in advance for the silly questions I might ask,,,

purchased what appears to be a Ural, but ,,,ya never know,,I live in Fla, and the title says 1966 Ural 650 . Upfront I know its a project, as some parts are missing and it needs to be gone through thoroughly. Im not new to major projects and my expertise is mostly with vintage Hondas etc, so I suppose I should retrain myself,,,lol. Ive done a lot of projects and fancy myself pretty good at breathing new life into most anything I can get my hands on, so this one is challenge.
1. the engine is together but on further inspection I see the rocker shafts are missing
the push rods are missing,and a few other soft items .
2. the transmission was "stuck" seems the drain plug was out and it was dry inside.(seems the bike was laid up for a while) I did my usual pouring of oil into it, and loosened it up , and new it seems to spin very free, and looks as though it may be ok, but not sure,
I know its missing what seems the be the reverse selector handle, but Im not sure of its operation,

I pulled the engine last night which took me all of about an hour, and will work on it off the bike for now.

here are my questions,

where is a good source for soft items like carburetor boots, ? control cables , handles etc??
I also would need a source for transmission seals, like the output seals, input seals etc, now that its off, would be the right time to do those
what is the gear pattern of this transmission, ?
this airbox seems to sit in the way of the clutch release cable? maybe it has the wrong one on there? (Ill post some pics soon)
how does the reverse work? has a stub sitting on the right side of the trans which looks like it would go to a lever?
what type of fluid does the trans use?
I would need a center or side stand, it has none, Im sure it had a sidecar at some point of its life, for now its on the lift in my garage, any thoughts on that?

here is one question that is kinda important, Ive done a lot of rebuilds on various engines, as this is what I do for a living (cars , not bikes, but engines are engines) sort of.... when I pulled the cylinders, and the piston I have access to the con rod. I can check the side to side play which seems to be loose , but pushing on it , as a piston would do, I dont see any issue, or play, is the side to side movement ok, on most bikes it is,, but I would rather not remove the crank if I dont have to

well thanks, and any help would be great,
Bill Di Carlo Cape Coral Florida USA / North bergen, NJ USA

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Hero of the Soviet Union - 2019
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Re: new owner here, a few questions?

Post by ReCycled » Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:47 am

Just a couple of quick notes...
You're in Fla so Holopaw Ural should be your go to guy for 650 stuff.
A lot of those early bikes were solos, the trans shifter might be for forward gears and not reverse. What's the final drive gear ratio?
Pics, pics, pics.
David B.
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Hero of the Soviet Union - 2019
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Re: new owner here, a few questions?

Post by Yakatak » Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:56 am

I would suggest that you (or an Admin) move this over to "General Hammerin' and Wrenchin' ". You'll get a lot more attention there.
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