2014 Rear Disc Brake Modification

Woe unto you that bought the first model year of a major remake, perhaps this section can help address any 2014 and later model Ural "imperfections". Here's a special section for folks with the latest rigs to discuss 2014 and later model-related topics such fuel injection, 3-wheel disc brakes, hydraulic steering dampers, spin-on oil filters and other anomalies that don't belong on true Russsian motorcycle ;-P We've gone from using big hammers and greasy wrenches to needing computers and Ouija boards in order to fix our rigs.
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Please keep this section specific to issues pertaining to 2014 and later models such as fuel injection, sidecar and rear disc brakes and so forth. Ask general or non-2014 and later specific questions in the main Hammerin' & Wrenchin' section.
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Re: 2014 Rear Disc Brake Modification

Post by gobium » Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:30 pm

Albuquralque wrote:
siberman1 wrote:Curious:
Is the Solo 5-hole center plate and the EFI 4-hole center plate the same diameter for the holes? If so, why not just drill 3 other new holes to make a 4 hole pattern to fit the EFI rear? Or if the diameter is different, just drill 4 new holes in the existing new Solo plate? The 5mm thickness would remain the same and no more work required?


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Re: 2014 Rear Disc Brake Modification

Post by Roadking » Wed Jul 19, 2017 7:44 pm

nicely done darrell. you continue to amaze.
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