Rushed by a German Shepherd!!!

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Re: Rushed by a German Shepherd!!!

Post by Yankee Dog » Wed Mar 31, 2021 12:30 pm

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I have found a good tactic against aggressive dogs is to try to run them over. They have never failed to back off and let me be.

how many have you been able to hit?

Thankfully none. They have all slowed down and given up the chase. It is one thing to chase prey; it is another thing to chase something bigger, faster and headed your way.
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Re: Rushed by a German Shepherd!!!

Post by tgtrotter » Wed Mar 31, 2021 12:40 pm

Like Van said, if it's a pack you're SOL. Happened to me once crossing a stream into a fenced field on a motorcycle. Six large dogs. Got a small nip above the ankle from one and a nasty a$$ four-fanged bite on my thigh. The dog would've took flesh but he's the one I punched off. Both Shepherds. Luckily later an ACO verified all dogs had been vaccinated.

In my youth I had early morning paper routes on bicycle. People would let their dogs out to crap and run cause it was dark. Sunday's the worst. Yeah it took some strategic planning and ops. Got bit a couple times then too. Shepherd and a Pincher if I remember right.

As a working adult in private residences I had a Customer hand his Pit off to his 4 year old daughter. The dog escaped her grasp and bit my knee cap. He hit his daughter. You can only imagine how many times I've dreamt of what I should've would've could've to that a$$hole. I did find the girl and sternly told her it was not her fault. I told the Man that his behavior was bad. Didn't seem to sink in. 42 years of going into homes with pets, that's the only incident.

In the 70s in High School I also worked under Nixon's CETA Act as neighborhood youth core as a Kennelman at our City Shelter. Never got bit. Learned a lot. If a dog is charging at you and you're standing and have time kneel down as if to pick up a rock and make a throwing motion. It works. Also if you are being repeatedly viciously attacked, grab the two front legs and spread them 180° apart, breaking them into the lung cavity.

Back to motorcycle. My wife and I were blasting into a headwind on the freeway in the fast lane coming home from a concert at two in the morning. A huge loose Shepherd came hurling over the center divider in front of us with zero time to brake or swerve before impact. Immediately It got stuck under the frame BUT it turned out to be a 38 gal. HD trash can. As I slowed down to about 40 I was kicking down on it and finally the back wheel hopped over. Yeah I might be a little psyched about Shepherds.
Had enough :bs: from me for one day ????? :sarcasm:
Yes I'm a little nervous around shepherds. Try not to be.

In the hot hot hot summer canyon roads here we have rattlesnake crossings. A few times I've encountered them agitated and will strike if you pass too close.
And a raging Mama Moose....I've heard about them :-|
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Re: Rushed by a German Shepherd!!!

Post by Joe123451979 » Wed Mar 31, 2021 1:53 pm

When I was a kid living in town with a leash law a dog would always attack me when riding my bike.

The owner would not do anything about it nor put it on a leash

I filled a spray bottle with formaldehyde and next dog charge at me was the dogs last charge at anyone .
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