LED light bar and brake light flasher added to 2017 Gear-up

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LED light bar and brake light flasher added to 2017 Gear-up

Post by davek » Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:36 pm

This mod has been finished and road tested. I am documenting it here in case anyone is interested. (Pics below)

The light bar is actually a trailer light by Optronicsinc.com (STL78RK). It met my needs and has a little three-wire pig tail that provides decent protection against water ingress. After much consideration I decided that I would bolt it onto the frame that holds my spare fuel tank. It was just a matter of drilling a couple holes and mounting with short SS bolts and nylock nuts. I spliced some leads onto the wires from the light and put heat-shrink tubing over the splices.

Next I made a small hole in the trunk and added a grommet through which I inserted the roughly six inch spliced lead. Inside the trunk I spliced again and ran jacketed wires up the left side and under the seat back, making a right turn behind the plastic seat frame and up along the right side of the tub. I drilled another hole just behind the step through and routed the jacketed wires through that.

I decided to mount my Signal Dynamics "Back-off" flasher module under the step into the tub. This location provided a convenient place to tie-wrap the module and also allowed easy access to the existing brake/tail light wiring of the sidecar. After cutting and splicing everything I used Tesa wire looming tape to pull everything together and protect the splices. Tesa makes great wire wrapping tape, black cloth laminated to a rubber backing that sticks well. I used tie-wraps to secure the harness and cables to keep things from flopping around. If not interested in the Back-off flasher, no need reading past this point.

Back-off flasher addendum

As currently wired my flasher modulates the center and right brake lights only. The motorcycle brake light behaves normally. This is because I did not want to split a harness to find the wire feeding the motorcycle brake light, since I had a trip planned and didn't want any unintended consequences. I did however stub out and cap a wire so that in the future I could run a feed wire from my modulator up to the necessary location and cut/splice as needed.
Light bar.JPG
Ural light bar grommet location.JPG
Ural brake light splice.jpg
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