Zerk Fittings for Splined Drive Shafts

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This is the place for topics concerining modifying and accessorizing your Ural or Denpr.
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Re: Zerk Fittings for Splined Drive Shafts

Post by markhas » Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:17 pm

If the shoe fits wear it. My name is often misspelled implying that I'm an a$$, the double standard is incredible here.

Suggesting the Harmonizer be resurrected is not disrespectful, it is a compliment, and goes over your head.

Gobium hypersensitiveness that can't stand any criticism is just plain sad.
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Re: Zerk Fittings for Splined Drive Shafts

Post by Subsnowden » Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:55 pm

You are an a$$ and every time I've seen you post anything on the forum it is snide and ignorant.
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