A guy in Russia bought a new front end for his bike...

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Re: A guy in Russia bought a new front end for his bike...

Post by Wildhorse Cafe » Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:32 pm

BigJames wrote:
Kristof wrote:
Snakeoil wrote:Does not appear on IE. Won't play on Chrome. Need to copy and past URL and play directly in YouTube.

Poor guy does not look like he can afford to get hosed on a wrecked front end. I thought I heard him say what sounded like Poland. So, he may have gotten this from Poland....
The fork is from Tcheliabinsk region (400km south of Irbit), he got it for 7000rub (99$) +20$ for the transport to Kaliningrad.
He will recheck all the fork including the welds.

I have seen this guy before on Oppozit.ru with his ride from Kaliningrad to Crimea.


He just posted part 3 of the that trip on YouTube! He makes a pretty good video, and is helping me pick up some Russian for my next trip over there.

I remember those stairs and the fountain from the movie Battleship Potemkin.
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