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Rethinking my Carburetor's and Exhaust....

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:09 am
by gabe502000
This is a Shout Out of Thanks for my Bro. jkt for spending Tuesday putting my stock muffler's on my Raceway Exhaust header pipes, then replacing the stock Jets with #130 + #45 jets...I rode Her 35 miles of our hills and curves this morning with the best Power, Smoothness,(The mirror's were clear at 68mph...) Throttle Response, and Quietness...I've ever experienced...Along with it being the Most Fun! Thank You John, for being a Blessing... :thumbsup: - Gabe

Re: Rethinking my Carburetor's and Exhaust....

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:40 am
by TerryG
Would you provide some more details? You appear to have had the Raceway non-crossover pipes with their Dunstal copies - correct? What kind of problems were you having with them? Also, the rap on the non-crossover pipes is that low end performance suffers. Did/Do you feel like that is true in your case. I've got a set of the Raceway pipes that I haven't got around to installing with ModTop mufflers - just wondering....


Re: Rethinking my Carburetor's and Exhaust....

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:36 am
by gabe502000
Hey Terry, It gets hot here in Lower Alabama. So several years ago, I had the HD/Ural Shop at P-Cola install the H/P Oil Sump adding another quart of oil...When I got the Lifetime, Aircraft Type mesh oil filter the crossover pipe was right in the way...this led to the Raceway Exhaust with no crossover pipe...My experience is Aircraft and Automobiles...So, the Shop installed the exhaust and did what they did to Harley's I reckon...Putting two .010 shims under each of the needles in the carbs...It was NOISY!!! I discovered the innards had nothing inside...I wrapped as much fiberglass blanket as I could around the insides, and secured it with Inconel Safety Wire...IT just made it through the rather small hole in the cone! This reduced the noise enough, to keep the local cops from stopping me, if I eased through town :) She started without enrichening when cold,and was ready to go with no farting, and swearing, at me in Russian, by the time I got my gear on..! It took awhile for the revs to drop between shifts...However...I could load the Car with a month's worth of groceries or a 150 lb. passenger, and not need to drop a gear to get up our frequent stout hills...32-33 mpg on e-Free 93 Oct Gasoline....Because of being involved with Army Aviation in the mid-70's I'm about deaf 40 odd years later...I got some High Tech Hearing Aids from the VA awhile back... And the noise from the Dunstall's which is a great sound...Needed to Go! My Brother John Timbes also a member here, had the experience to combine the Ural muffler + Raceway pipes & knew how to mod the carbs! It was "The Favor Of God! lol! - Gabe

Re: Rethinking my Carburetor's and Exhaust....

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:26 pm
by Msblu79
The stock EPA mandated tuneup on these rigs is terrible, just barely runs, they run hot and struggle to get out of their own way. Free up the airflow with some pipes and maybe an new airbox, rejet the carbs and your off to the races. :lol: The rig will run much better and run cooler, last longer, get better mileage. Add a Power Arc to the mix and get even more power and even better mileage. I run 145 mains & 45 pilots and get 34MPG and I run mine at 60MPH most of the time. Engine pulls cleanly and hard thru the revs and I climb the steepest hills in our area in 4th gear no problem. The stock camshaft allows alot more breathing capacity than the rest of the system can supply, add more fuel & air and enjoy the improvement. I have over 60,000km's on mine now and have run the "free breathing" setup for 4 years with no problems, no hickup's or farting, it behaves perfectly all the time and puts a smile on my face everytime I roll the throttle back. :mrgreen:

Re: Rethinking my Carburetor's and Exhaust....

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:30 pm
by gabe502000
Thanks for sharing...There are 130 mains and 45 pilots right now with 26mpg on crappy govt gas and 29 on 58mph...Running rich enough to smell it, but same as yours is otherwise will the 145 mains make that much difference? ...That airbox sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out...Thanks! -Gabe

Re: Rethinking my Carburetor's and Exhaust....

Posted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 4:36 am
by Steve7959
In the UK rigs arrived standard from the factory with 38 pilot jets and 118 mains.

I recently replaced them with 42 pilot and 130 mains. The diaphragm slides are now drilled to 7/64 and two shims placed under the needles.

I upgraded the air filter at the same time and 'lost' the cat's

I found a definite improvement in low/mid range power and she pulls away from standing without the previous banging and popping. Top end is still a bit flat especially in 4th.

I'm currently looking at mod's to the exhaust and would like a 2-1 system with high level silencer (muffler). Obviously, because over on this side of the pond we have the chair on left there are very limited 'stock' options. I'll probably end up fabricating something myself