2011 Ural ST Solo $4000.00

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2011 Ural ST Solo $4000.00

Postby Railbender » Tue May 22, 2018 10:33 am

Only 1634 Kms. Metzeler Lasertec tires F & R, so it handles like a motorcycle and not a sidecar tug minus the sidecar. 35-10 final drive to unleash the power of the mighty 750cc engine. National Plexifairing 3, Hot Grips heated grips, Rigid fog lights, dual Fiamm horns , an old Garmin GPS in a Touratech mount and a set of "Best most finest" Chinese panniers. Since I am afflicted with SLS (short leg syndrome) I installed a modified Corbin seat. For those who are not a miget in training the original tractor seat is included. The black box on the rear rack houses an auxiliary fuse block and relays for the fog lights, horns and switched power.
The bad;
Soon after I got it I put the self retracting sidestand down and walked around the bike as it slowly rolled forward as the sidestand self retracted! Results; scraped paint on the left crash bar, broken turn signal (replaced), scuffed mirror (replaced) and scuffs on the fairing (covered with reflective tape). Most important the &*#% sidestand is no longer self retracting. Scuffed paint on tank ahead of the filler cap. Lesson learned remove GPS before removing tank. Some scuffs on the rear fender ahead of the rack from an earlier lower seat.
The answer to the inevitable question of "Why are you selling it?" is visible in the background. Just got a second hack and I need the room.
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