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Re: Deep Joy Overload

Postby GregAus » Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:02 am

dneprlover wrote:
SaskMick wrote:After seeing the damage old fuel can do I will never store a vehicle with fuel in the system.

It's a 1965 ex Chinese army Chang Jiang M1M.

I love everything about it, there is nothing I would change. It's a natural blend of old and new technology.

I got lucky for a change, I'm tickled pink.

Dream on Mate
Actually its a post 1986 M1M . The Chinese didn't manufacture that model until after the introduction of the M1S model in 1985.
And it's never been anywhere near a Chinese army or government depot.

As Dneprlover said, the closest that bike ever went to the PLA or Government depot was driving past. It's like an old axe, the head has been replaced 3 times and the handle six times - but it's still a good "old" axe. :bs: to it being 1965. That doesn't mean it's a bad bike, just keep the :bs: history to a minimum.

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