Myrtle's 1st Toy Run!

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Myrtle's 1st Toy Run!

Postby BigJames » Mon Dec 21, 2015 1:50 pm

And of course they took off and were flying but that was ok, Myrtle has no problem keeping up.
The inset on the lower left is the same as the spinning stuff video I posted earlier...forgot to post this...

Run is named for an old friend of mine who organized this ride since the mid-80's. Delmar was stopped at a red light and was killed by an inattentive driver while he was out promoting this ride a few years ago. I'll go on this one until I can't ride and/or they can't find anyone to haul me in a sidecar. I led the 1st one on my Servicar. That ride was much slower...
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